The School of Mechanical and Power Engineering of Shanghai Jiao Tong University came to Weida to carry out technical exchange and docking activities of machine tool industry

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On November 28, seven experts led by Xia Tangbin, deputy dean of the School of Mechanical and Power Engineering of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, came to Teng to carry out technology exchange activities in the machine tool industry. Yang Yaning, deputy director of the Zaozhuang Innovation Research Institute, Zhao Chengdong, deputy director of the Tengzhou Municipal Party Committee Office, and Zhu Hui, director of the Talent Innovation Drive Center, as well as relevant responsible comrades of the Municipal Mechanical and Electrical Industry Service Center, the Municipal Comprehensive Inspection and Testing Center, and Lei Xiangyuan, chief engineer of Weida Heavy Industry, accompanied him.



During the event, the expert team went to Weida Heavy Industry, Tengzhou Machine Tool Exhibition Hall and other sites for investigation and inspection, and discussed the current technology status, production process, and results with 10 representative companies including Weida Heavy Industry and Jiaotong University Zhibang in the conference room of Tengzhou Talent Innovation Drive Center. Face-to-face communication was held on transformation and other aspects, and in-depth discussions were conducted on cooperation matters.