Russian merchants to Veda Heavy industry visit

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In order to thoroughly implement the strategic deployment of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government to "strengthen industry and promote production and project breakthroughs" and fully implement the "Going out and inviting in" promotion work requirements, on the morning of November 23, a delegation of Russian businessmen visited Weida Heavy Industry to inspect project cooperation matters. Wang Zi'e, director of the Beixin Street Investment Promotion Service Center, comrades in charge of relevant work positions and departments, and Lei Xiangyuan, chief engineer of Weida Heavy Industry, participated in the inspection activity.






Director Wang Zi'e first expressed a warm welcome to the arrival of Russian merchants on behalf of Beixin Street. She said that Beixin Street in Tengzhou City has an advantageous geographical location, strong industrial foundation and broad development prospects, and welcomes foreign businessmen to invest and start business in Beixin. Beixin Subdistrict will continue to do its best to provide service guarantees so that foreign (customer) enterprises can "invest with confidence, start a business with peace of mind, and develop with comfort" in Beixin.





Accompanied by Director Wang, the merchants visited Tengzhou Machine Tool Exhibition Hall, Shandong Weida Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. and other event sites. Through negotiation, exchanges, on-site inspections, etc., they learned in detail about the industrial development and cultivation, industrial development and industrialization of Tengzhou City and Beixin Street. Construction and development, business environment coordination and escort and other specific situations. The Russian businessmen and their delegation spoke highly of the overall industrial development layout and excellent business environment of Beixin Street. They believed that Beixin Street has a superior investment environment and a beautiful and impressive ecological environment. It is a hot land for investment and business development. He also stated that he would take this inspection as an opportunity to further intensify exchanges and exchanges between the two countries, actively connect with relevant departments, continuously explore cooperation space and potential, achieve win-win cooperation, and jointly promote the continuous development of the comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination between the two countries in the new era. Towards the world and the future!