Charitable enterprise donation to help the high-quality development of Zhishan education -- Shandong Weida Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. donated sports equipment to Zhishan School

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In order to actively promote school-enterprise integration and help high-quality development of school education, on November 14, Han Jie, member of the general party branch and office director of Shandong Weida Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., and Cui Guoyao, deputy director of the office, visited Zhishan School and donated to the school. 15 pairs of table tennis tables, several table tennis balls and table tennis rackets. Jin Kaifeng, vice principal of Zhishan School, Ding Wei, deputy secretary of the party branch, Li Linlin, chairman of the labor union, and others participated in the donation event.





At the donation ceremony, Jin Kaifeng first expressed his sincere gratitude for the donation. He affirmed that Shandong Weida Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., while achieving high-quality development, can actively participate in public welfare undertakings and interpret the company's responsibilities and responsibilities with practical actions. It will surely lead more companies to support education and create a better world for students. To create a learning environment and promote the brand building of “Good City, Good Teaching, Learning in Tengzhou”. At the same time, he also emphasized that the school will take this donation as an opportunity to manage and make good use of this batch of sports equipment, actively carry out sunshine recess sports, enhance students' physical fitness, and effectively promote the school's characteristic education of all-environment education, in order to promote students Make positive efforts for all-round development!




Ding Wei accepted the donation on behalf of the school. He expressed his sincere gratitude to Shandong Weida Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. for its charitable deeds. Jin Kaifeng presented the banner in return on behalf of the school.







After the donation ceremony, Ding Wei accompanied the company representatives to visit the campus environment. Director Han and his delegation greatly appreciated the campus environment and teaching achievements of Zhishan School, and expressed that they would continue to care and support the construction and development of Zhishan School in the next step.

This donation event not only brings tangible material support, but more importantly, it brings huge spiritual power, which will surely warm every soul and nourish every heart. The best students will strengthen their bodies, keep their minds fit, move forward bravely, and grow into the pillars of the motherland; all teaching staff will devote themselves to their jobs with greater enthusiasm, work conscientiously, and use their hard work and wisdom to provide education that satisfies the people. !