National talent research group to Wei Da heavy industry research

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In order to do a good job in the national-level talent application work, on November 15, the national-level talent research team, led by Li Yong, a member of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau’s party group and a second-level chief staff member, came to Jinghe Street to conduct research on the national-level talent application work. Li Qishun, Secretary of the Street Party Working Committee, Yang Shangji, member of the Party Working Committee, and relevant persons in charge of Weida Heavy Industry accompanied the investigation.



The research team went to Shandong Weida Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. to hold discussions and exchanges with relevant persons in charge of the company, and gained an in-depth understanding of the company's talent introduction, preparation for national talent application, company's demand for high-level talents, and cooperation between companies and universities. The team fully affirmed Jinghe Subdistrict’s emphasis on work priorities, strengthened the implementation of measures, and made every effort to apply for national-level talents, and provided specific business guidance for the next step.