Provincial science and technology Department research group to Wei Da heavy industry research

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On October 17, Sun Haisheng, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of the Provincial Department of Science and Technology, led a research team to Teng to investigate scientific and technological innovation work. Zaozhuang and Tengzhou city leaders Zhang Qingwei, Zhou Gang, Qin Shengxue and heads of relevant departments of Weida Heavy Industry attended the event.

The research team visited the site of Shandong Weida Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., went deep into the company's exhibition hall and production workshop, and learned about the company's production research and development, technological innovation, etc., and provided suggestions for our city to continuously strengthen the main position of corporate innovation and improve the level of transformation of scientific and technological achievements. The practice is fully affirmed.



The research team emphasized that Tengzhou currently faces both rare development opportunities and many risks and challenges. Innovation must be placed at the core of the overall development, strengthen scientific research and development innovation, and continue to enhance the innovation power of economic and social development. It is necessary to increase the efforts to cultivate innovative enterprises, strengthen the carrying capacity of the platform, and promote scientific and technological innovation to a new level with a sense of crisis and urgency of "there are pacesetters in front and followers behind". It is necessary to highlight the key points and seize the key, make practical breakthroughs in key core technologies, improve the quality and upgrade of major scientific and technological innovation platforms, gather and empower high-level innovative talents, and actively integrate into the national strategic scientific and technological force layout, so as to "strengthen industry, revitalize production, and transform and break through." "Achieve industrial doubling and provide more powerful scientific and technological support.