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CMC650u five-axis vertical machining center

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Five axis machining center

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Performance characteristics

Truss frame layout, column and bed integrated design structure, bed, column, slide, table and spindle box with reinforcement and Angle support plate.
X, Y, Z three-way guides are German roller linear guides.
The three-axis motor and the lead screw adopt the form of direct-connected elastic coupling without clearance and the form of direct-connected spindle unit.
Standard configuration
Selective configuration

SIEMENS 840 DSL numerical control system

Taiwan direct drive motor two-axis single-arm rotary table

Full closed loop control of full axis FAGOR grating ruler

24 mechanical disk knife library

Chain-type chip extractor


HEIDENHAIN TNC 640 five-axis five-linkage CNC system

Taiwan HSKA63-150-12000 rotary direct coupling spindle unit

170 direct drive motorized spindle unit

Renishaw TS-27R tool setter

Renishaw OMP60 probe

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