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TPK611C CNC boring and milling machine

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CNC milling machine

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Performance characteristics

The machine adopts the layout form of single column and side hanging box, and the work table adopts the structure form of four-point positioning and manual rotation. The X, Y and B axes are controlled by CNC system, which can realize three-axis linkage. The boring shaft feed can be controlled by the same motor to realize the automatic expansion of the boring shaft
X, Y, Z axis adopts rectangular sliding guide, polytetrafluoroethylene plastering process, good shock absorption and high precision.
The spindle box is balanced by a weight, and the spindle and flat rotating disc are controlled by AC servo motor
Standard configuration
Selective configuration

FANUC 0i-MF Plus numerical control system

Hand rotary table


Mouse tooth disk structure CNC turntable 360°X1° or 5° indexing

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