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GMC40160 moving column moving beam gantry five-sided machining center

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Gantry machining center

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Advantages and characteristics

The base parts of the machine tool are made of high-quality high-strength castings, gantry frame structure, and the whole machine has good rigidity, shock resistance and accuracy retention
Drilling, expanding, reaming, tapping and other processes to achieve five-sided processing
Especially suitable for automotive, aerospace, metallurgy, mining, machine tool manufacturing and other industries of body parts and miscellaneous parts processing
Standard configuration
Selective configuration

Numerical control system: Siemens 840D

Gearbox full gear drive

Z-axis hydraulic balance

X, W full closed loop grating ruler

Spindle constant temperature cooling system


40T chain knife library

Automatic chip removal system

Z axis, Y axis full closed loop grating ruler

Various automatic accessory milling heads

Product parameter

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