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Gantry moving beam pentahedral machining center GMC/30100

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Gantry machining center

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Advantages and characteristics

The machine adopts square double column gantry structure, the lower part of the column is closely connected with the bed, and the upper part is closely connected with the top beam and the connecting beam, forming a closed gantry frame.
Bed, column, beam interface is large, heavy bearing, good rigidity, high accuracy retention, can withstand heavy cutting and maintain high precision for a long time.
The inner span of gantry is large, the stroke of W and Z axis is long, the passability is good, and the processing range is large. A variety of automatic or manual attachment milling heads can be selected, and the parts can be automatically completed at one time to complete the five-sided processing, which greatly improves the work efficiency and saves costs.
Standard configuration
Selective configuration

Standard FANUC 31i numerical control system

German ZF gearbox is standard

Standard W axis, Z axis hydraulic balance system

Automatic chip removal device is provided as standard


Optional Siemens 840DSL CNC system

Optional vertical servo knife library (40T/60T)

Optional full closed loop grating ruler

Various automatic accessory systems are available

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