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Gantry Machining center GMC/1830

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Gantry machining center

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Advantages and characteristics

Ultra-wide bed, bed on both sides of the chip grooves directly cast, X, Y axis using heavy linear guide, Z axis square ram eight-sided hard rail structure
Taiwan high speed precision spindle unit, equipped with precision gear transmission, high output torque. Can be equipped with a variety of accessories milling head, with manual, automatic head change function
Suitable for new energy, automobile, ship, printing, packaging, textile, military, mold and other mechanical processing fields
Standard configuration
Selective configuration

Standard FANUC 0i-MF Plus numerical control system

Automatic lubricating system is standard

Standard with 24 manipulator knife library

Standard double helix chip extractor


Optional Siemens 828D, wide 25i, Central 818 system, KND2000M numerical control system

Optional 32 chain knife library

Optional German ZF/ Italian BF two-speed gear box

Optional Vida or Taiwan automatic right Angle milling head

Optional double chain plate chip extractor

Product parameter

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