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Moving column gantry drilling and milling center GDC/1640m

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Gantry machining center

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Advantages and characteristics

It is mainly suitable for large and medium-sized tube plates, plates and steel beam mechanism connectors, parts with drilling as the main processing process, with higher hole processing accuracy and higher cost performance
X, Y axis adopts heavy roller linear guide, Z axis adopts hard rail to ensure the rigidity of the machine tool, X direction adopts the form of gantry movement, double motor drive, planetary reducer deceleration, precision anti-backlash gear rack and rack pair transmission, high positioning accuracy.
台湾名牌主轴,同步带减速传动,主轴扭矩大,冷却系统采用大流量、高扬程水泵,保证刀具在高速切削下充分冷却。Taiwan famous spindle, synchronous belt deceleration drive, spindle torque is large, cooling system adopts large flow, high lift pump, to ensure that the tool is fully cooled under high-speed cutting.
Standard configuration
Selective configuration

FANUC 0i-MF Plus is standard

Standard double screw chip extractor

Standard with 12 straight knife library

Standard processing area protection


Siemens 828D, Canton 25i, Central 818, KND2000M numerical control system

Tool internal cooling function

Optional 24 manipulator knife library

Product parameter

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